Referral & Bird Dogging Program

Want to make a little extra money on the side?  Refer us to a seller!


We buy houses all over the city of Austin, in some cases we can buy houses out of state.  Even if you don’t have a house to sell you can refer the owner to us.  Everybody wants to make a little extra cash, to pay off bills, buy something special or save for a down payment on a new car or house.  You are in luck, we pay you to bring us houses!  All you have to do is refer us to the seller and you get paid.  We do all the work and you get paid!

Here is how it works

1. Find a homeowner that wants to sell their house.  Remember we buy houses in any condition for cash.  We close in less than 30 days and in some cases in as little as three days.

2. Give us a call, email, or fill out our web form.  Expect a call from us in as little as an hour.

3. We will schedule a property visit to review the condition of the property and present the owner with a non-obligation as-is cash offer for their house.

4. When the seller accepts our offer we put your name in the contract to be paid at closing.  We close at a title company to ensure that ownership is properly transferred to us.  We also place your cash in escrow at the title company to ensure you get paid.

5. When the property closes, a portion of the sale goes directly to you!  You do not need to attend closing if you do not want too.  The title company can issue you a check at closing, wire the money to your bank account, or send a check to you in the mail.

How much do we pay?  At least $1,000 per house.

What if you bring more than one house?  We can buy as many houses as you bring us.  If you bring us 10 houses to buy you will get paid at least $10,000, if you bring us 100 houses you will make at least $100,000.  You can easily replace your income if you bring us a lot of houses. So, find a home owner that wants to sell then, call or click, and bring us some houses!